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How do I prepare for divorce?

Ever Changing River, LLC gives you an affordable option to answer the question, “How do I prepare for divorce?” by offering in-person and online separation and divorce process educational programs.  Life is like an ever changing river, and now you may be experiencing the stormy waters of separation or divorce. Breathe. Educate yourself and protect your future. Joining River BaNC™ (Basic Navigational Course on separation and divorce) does not mean you will divorce. Joining means you will be prepared by better understanding your options should divorce happen. We wish you a future with sunshine just around the bend.

Why Join? Gain Online Separation and Divorce Process Education

Read more about River BaNC(TM), our online video educational platform that explains how to prepare for the separation and divorce process. Please note that the legal portion of a divorce, known as family law or divorce law, is state specific.  Legal divorce strategies may cross state lines, but the statues do not!  Oftentimes mediation, financial and emotional divorce educational aspects are more general in nature, though professionals often require state-specific licenses to practice.

With the cost of a divorce attorney being $300+ per hour in almost all jurisdictions, spending money to prepare, to educate yourself about all aspects of divorce before you engage an attorney who practices family law in your jurisdiction, can be some of the best money you spend in your divorce.

LAWS – Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter

If you or a friend are in need of assistance, please contact their 24-Hour Hotline:  703.777.6552