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Ever Changing River, LLC

Ever Changing River, LLC, is a separation and divorce educational resource.  We have both members only educational video resources and free resources. We help answer the question:  How do I get a divorce?

And by the way, just because you are here at our website and using our services does not mean you will divorce. It only means you are gaining empowering knowledge about a critical life decision. Education is always a wise course.

We believe life is like an Ever Changing River. Sometimes your river is full of dappled sunshine and playful splashes…and at other times there are alarming thunderstorms and unsettling rapids ahead that you would give almost anything not to travel through. Your navigational sensors are thrown off-kilter. You don’t know how to get back on course while still in the midst of the storm.

We understand. We are here to help you get your navigational gear back on track as you go through this process…and so are others within our community.

WHO ARE WE?  Ever Changing River, LLC is an in-person and online community offering education and knowledge of the separation and divorce process, and support and encouragement along the way. We believe Knowledge Equals Better Choices, no matter what your final decision is.

Remember that getting “unmarried” is different for everyone. What is right for one family often has little to do with what is right for another family. The river course is different for every single person, but no person has to travel their river alone.
Become empowered as you navigate this part of your river of life. As part of the initial educational process, people often get an initial consultation with a family law attorney, a financial professional or a therapist. Others have already made their decision and are ready to move forward.

Here are some of the many ways you can engage with the Ever Changing River, LLC community:

EXPLORE OUR PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. Meet professionals who have helped others through this process….including family law attorneys, mediators and financial advisors, CPA/CDFA, therapists, and real estate/mortgage professionals.

BECOME A MEMBER. Join River BaNCTM, Basic Navigational Course through separation and divorce. For a low initial fee you will have access to our Members Only Resources. We have videos by Virginia family law attorneys, mediators and financial advisors to educate you about the legal, mediation and financial aspects of separation and divorce. You will also hear from a therapist about what your emotional journey might look like right now, and some things you can do to support yourself as you go through this process. Finally, you will hear from a mortgage consultant about your credit score and the mortgage process. And each professional has included their Top Tips – quick points that you may not have considered.  After 30 days, your membership renews at an even lower monthly fee until you cancel.  Learn more on our Why Join page.

REMEMBER: All of our videos are for general informational and educational purposes only. Their goal is to help educate you about the process. Each situation is different. You should always hire a qualified professional to assist you with your own unique situation.
And also remember that divorce law is state specific.

All of our topics have general information that can be applied in all states. And many professionals on our site are licensed in multiple states. You will find the same to be true in your area, no matter where you live. Part of the educational process is to find out more about each profession so you can make an informed decision about hiring your team.

LOOK AT OUR FREE RESOURCES: We have links to some very valuable resources where you can gain education as your first step.

ATTEND SOME OF OUR PROGRAMS. We have free gatherings, like River ChatTM. We are also forming members-only programs, such as monthly inspirational call-in sessions. We will save these podcasts on our website, in case our members miss session.

An integral part of growing our community is interaction with you. We are all about rivers and encouragement! If you have a river picture or encouraging quote you would like to share on our website, just e-mail us at info@EverChangingRiver.com. Whatever you send must be “copyright free” and able to be published. We will publish some of them in our blog and some on our main website. Thank you for your support!

We also want to hear your questions and inquiries. Please e-mail us at info@EverChangingRiver.com so we can help.

You have heard the old adage, It is often darkest before dawn? At Ever Changing River, LLC we believe each dawn brings a new day of possibilities.