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Offer Ends November 30, 2014

Limited-Time Introductory Offer: $25 for 30 days (a 73%+ savings off the regular price of $95 for the first 30 days).  Auto-renewal at $25/month until you cancel.  You may cancel at any time.  After 12 months, we reserve the right to cancel your membership.  You may join again at any time at the then-current prices.  You may cancel at any time. We accept Paypal and credit card payments via Paypal.

Divorce Membership

Education about the divorce process is a powerful choice, because your future matters.  When the possibility of separation and divorce is just around the bend of your river of life, it is a whitewater time of turmoil and disruption. And yet this is when you may be called upon to make decisions that may have far reaching consequences for you and your children, both legally and financially.

First, take a deep breath. Now take another. Great. You just took the first step. Next, get educated about the separation and divorce process so you can protect yourself and your family moving forward. And remember that joining and becoming a River BaNC™ member does not mean you will divorce. It simply means you will be better prepared should divorce happen.


• find out about the separation and divorce process
• figure out how mediation works
• make sure you have a clear picture of your finances, both assets and debts
• understand about how to qualify for a mortgage
• make sure you are nurturing yourself emotionally

Members of River BaNC™ gain instant access to videos where professionals, including family law attorneys, mediators and financial advisors, will share general information, knowledge and Top Tips about the separation and divorce process.

As a member, you will see videos on:

The Legal Aspects: learn about the nuts and bolts of divorce in Virginia and what the court will consider, from Family Law Attorneys.
The Mediation Aspects: gain knowledge about the mediation process from Divorce Mediators, in their own words.
The Financial Aspects: hear about the financial basics you need to know as you contemplate separation and divorce, from Financial Advisors.
The Emotional Aspects: find out about the emotional side of things as you face this very challenging period of your life, from a Licensed Professional Counselor who helps individuals during separation and divorce.
The Mortgage Aspects: educate yourself about qualifying for a mortgage, from a Mortgage Consultant.
Top Tips: every professional in River BaNC™also shares their Top Tips – the top things they feel are important for individuals who are facing separation and divorce. Quick, meaningful.

Members have access to over three hours of educational content – about 1 hour of Top Tips videos and a little over 2 hours of general presentations on the legal, mediation, financial, emotional and mortgage aspects of divorce. And we continue to add content.


Getting educated does not need to be expensive. Joining our community and becoming a member of River BaNC – a Basic Navigational Course through separation and divorce – is very affordable.

Ending November 30, 2014 –  

Limited-Time Introductory Offer: $25 for 30 days

(a 73%+ savings off the regular price of $95 for 30 days).

• As a member, you have access to all our divorce process videos for 30 days. You may cancel at any time during those 30 days and your account will not automatically renew.

• Need more time? Your membership will automatically renew at the affordable price of $25/month, which you may cancel at any time and not be charged for the next billing cycle.

• The bottom line? With the limited-time introductory price, being a River BaNC™ member for six months costs about half the typical fee for one hour of legal consultation. And you will be better educated and prepared should divorce happen and you hire a family law attorney to represent you.

• Note: Regular price is $95 for the first 30 days of River BaNC™ membership.


Once you become a member, you have instant access to our member resource area where you can listen to the videos 24X7 in the privacy of your own home or office. We have designed this resource so members can listen to the information over and over again, at their own pace and as many times as they need to, until they feel ready to take the next step. That might take 1 day or 12 months. It is up to you.

And remember, after the initial 30 days, your account will automatically renew at $25/month until you cancel. You may cancel at any time. You are in charge of your education.


It is easy to join.  You will need a safe, valid email address and a safe method of payment.  We accept payment via Paypal accounts and credit cards. In some instances, you may also consider using a Visa or Mastercard gift card, purchased with cash at various locations.  Do you have any privacy concerns?  Check out this blog post on Privacy Considerations During Separation or Divorce


This is our ultimate hope for you – that by educating yourself you will be a more knowledgeable consumer of the services offered by divorce professionals.
You might choose to get an initial consultation with an attorney about your unique circumstances. Maybe you will contact a divorce mediator. You might engage a therapist to help you with the emotional side of things, or a financial advisor to assist with the financial aspects. Or, you might be ready to put your entire team together and move forward with divorce. The choices are yours.

We hope you will be better able to select and hire divorce professionals to assist you, based upon your unique situation, and that you will make better choices as you journey down this course of your every changing river of life. We wish you well on your journey.

Divorce MembershipPlease also visit our Divorce CoachFree Resources and Professional Services Directory pages.

The information offered in the member presentations is for educational and informational purposes only. The presentations are in no way meant to convey legal, mediation, financial, tax, mortgage or therapeutic advice of any kind to anyone or to serve as a substitute for obtaining legal, mediation, financial, tax, mortgage or therapeutic assistance from a qualified professional. Each situation is different, and no presentation can convey all the information that is necessary for each individual situation.

You will need to hire an attorney, mediator, financial advisor, CPA, mortgage consultant, therapist or other professionals to assist you in your unique set of circumstances.

Please let us know at info@EverChangingRiver.com if you have any questions or feedback. We are constantly improving our website. Your feedback helps us help you.