Create Your Most Brilliant Symphony with a Life Coach

Dogwood, Beginning Anew after Divorce, life coach, Ever Changing River, LLC

Dogwood, Beginning Anew after Divorce, Life Coach, Ever Changing River, LLC

The most brilliant symphony in the world began with just one note.

– Anonymous

You have that brilliant symphony within you if you will only take the first step.  What is holding you back from realizing your innermost dreams?  Fear?  Not enough time?  You don’t have the correct, most perfect resources at your fingertips?  The timing is not right yet?

Sorry, not buying it.  Those are all simply excuses.  They seem real, but they are excuses. You are better than that!

Oftentimes when you have gone through a divorce, you feel like the best part of your life is over, you have failed in some way, things will not get better for a very long time.  AGAIN:  Sorry, not buying it!!  Those are all simply excuses, too.

You can choose to stay in a victim state…or you can choose to regain your power and live the life you were meant to live!  It all starts with you.  Only you control your thoughts.  Remember the question, is the glass half full or half empty?  Well, also remember that both answers are true, it is both half empty and half full.  However, the power of each state is completely different!  It’s a matter of perspective.  Half full is true and powerful.  Half empty, not so much!

At Ever Changing River, LLC, through our life coach programs we help you create your most brilliant symphony.  We can be your first note. Contact us at  We coach by telephone and over the internet.

Five-Year Success Plan – Create It! Live It!

LIFE COACH WORKSHOP – Five-Year Success Plan – Create It! Live It!

This course is designed for people who are newly divorced, empty-nesters, those going through a life transition, or for you if you are simply wondering: What’s next in my life?? Four-week workshop cost: $199.


Are you tired of simply drifting along, not knowing what you really want out of life? Are you ready to create your personal Five-Year Success Plan and take charge of your future? If so, join us for this exciting Virtual Life Coach Workshop! Or attend “in-person.”

No, you do not need to wait for New Year’s to set your goals. By New Year’s you’ll be partway there already!

“It’s time to start living the life we’ve imagined.” — Henry James

We are forming our next Five-Year Success Plan – Create It! Live It! workshop now.

Mondays, Oct 6, 13, 20 and 2, 2014, 6:00 – 8:00 PM. Attend by Google Hangout or Skype or in person in Sterling, Virginia.  (NOTE: If you find this post after this workshop has started, email or visit our website to check out our next workshop!)


Testimonial:  “It is amazing how you helped me unlock some answers. I highly recommend this workshop not only for people going through life changing events, but also for people who want to reach certain goals in their life. This is the workshop that can help you get there!”


Success Plan – What’s It All About?

Led by a life coach, in this workshop you will create YOUR Five-Year Success Plan…..

  • discovering what excites you
  • defining your values – what you want your life to stand for
  • crafting your personal mission statement
  • setting your goals that are “must haves” for the next five years
  • creating an action plan to move it all forward
  • plus designing ways to make sure you are staying on track.

We work as a group, brainstorming together, inspiring each other, holding each other accountable, and sharing successes each week.

This course is designed for people who are newly divorced, searching empty-nesters, those going through a life transition, or for you if you are simply wondering: What’s next in my life?? Four-week workshop cost: $199.

Email to see if it’s a good fit for you and check on availability!


Voyage of Discovery As Seen Through Your New Eyes

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
– Marcel Proust

So many times we look at our problems, our challenges, the same way, with the same “eyes,” over and over and over. And yet we are surprised when we see the same results.

Instead, why not take a real voyage of discovery by trying a different perspective, seeing the situation with new eyes?

  • If you always look at something only from your point of view, instead try looking at it from “their” point of view.
  • Or, regardless of who “wins”, what does “success” look like for you? If your goal is to truly be able to move on from a bad situation, “winning” in the traditional sense often does not equal “success.”
  • Conversely, what does “failure” look like?  Maybe you get exactly what you are asking for, but what is the cost to you? to your family?  20 years from now will you consider this a success or a failure?  Hmmmm….

What do you see on your voyage of discovery with your new eyes? A possible solution?!! A powerful path forward? Try out your “new eyes” the next time you work on a life challenge and see what wonders you can discover!!!

If you are interested in life coaching, please contact us at  We offer a free introductory session.