Divorce Coaching

Divorce Coaching

whitewater and rock

Whitewater and Rocks

When you are contemplating separation or divorce, it can be a time of upheaval, uncertainty and confusion in your life.  For some, it can be like canoeing down a sunny, calm river and suddenly hitting a patch of rocky whitewater.   Others have a sense the whitewater is coming, but they don’t really know what it will look like or how to navigate through it.

In divorce coaching, a relatively new area of life coaching, your coach helps you evaluate your situation and coaches you through creating a plan, a pathway, for your next steps.  Said another way, if you were to go cross-country on a trip, you would have a GPS system and a plan, right?  You would educate yourself about your trip ahead of time.

Well, the same holds true with divorce.  You want to educate yourself about the divorce process and create a plan.

Typically we work with clients for three 50-minute sessions.  In divorce coaching:

  • we work together to asses where you are right now
  • we discuss the various ways to divorce, from “kitchen table” through litigation, and the pros and cons of each
  • we look at what your main issues are as you see them right now – legal issues, custody, division of property and debt, or other issues
  • we talk about how you can educate yourself about divorce, how you can acquire more information on each of your main issues plus other issues we uncover during our coaching sessions.  Education can range from taking an online divorce process course to attending a seminar to going to a support group to checking out some books from the library.  You might want to take a finance course.  Education and support are key right now.   We often talk about finding a therapist to support you through this portion of your journey.

Then you are ready to create your action plan, which your coach will also help guide you through.  Your action plan might be, “I need to think about it all some more.”   Or, you might say, “I’m ready to start putting my team together and move forward.”  We would talk about what that might look like, how you find divorce professionals, how you interview them, what you might expect from them.  This is important because while some professionals will offer a free consult, others may charge from $300 to $400+ an hour.  Your action plan will have goals and dates/deadlines and will help you stay organized, stay on track.

If you would like to explore what a divorce coach can do for you, please contact us.  We’re happy to spend a few minutes discovering whether we would be a good match as your coach.

Also, Ever Changing River, LLC offers a membership-based online divorce education course called River BaNCTM, or Basic Navigational Course through separation and divorce.  For more information on River BaNC™ benefits, read Why Join.  

If you have any questions about our divorce coaching services, please use a “safe” email (an email that only you have control over and access to) to contact us at info@EverChangingRiver.com.

Finally, please visit our Free Resources page to find more resources to assist you.  We wish you well in this portion of your ever changing river of life journey.