River Focus group – meet and focus on the emotional, financial and legal aspects of separation and divorce.  You will meet local divorce experts and learn practical information about how to become unmarried and how to get support throughout the process…
Focus on Me – an open topic support group facilitated by a therapist/counselor/coach.  Don’t go it alone.
Focus on Money – covers various financial aspects, including creating budgets, inventorying assets, investing, and the tax side of divorce.
Focus on Law – presented by a family law attorney or a mediator and covers the legal and mediation aspects of divorce… including how to get a divorce, child custody, spousal support and distribution of property.
River BaNCTM –  a quarterly Basic Navigational Course through the complexities of divorce brings all the Focus groups topics together once a quarter, typically on a Saturday.
River Chat – an informal divorce support group, typically meets the last Saturday of the month.