Create Your Most Brilliant Symphony with a Life Coach

Dogwood, Beginning Anew after Divorce, life coach, Ever Changing River, LLC

Dogwood, Beginning Anew after Divorce, Life Coach, Ever Changing River, LLC

The most brilliant symphony in the world began with just one note.

– Anonymous

You have that brilliant symphony within you if you will only take the first step.  What is holding you back from realizing your innermost dreams?  Fear?  Not enough time?  You don’t have the correct, most perfect resources at your fingertips?  The timing is not right yet?

Sorry, not buying it.  Those are all simply excuses.  They seem real, but they are excuses. You are better than that!

Oftentimes when you have gone through a divorce, you feel like the best part of your life is over, you have failed in some way, things will not get better for a very long time.  AGAIN:  Sorry, not buying it!!  Those are all simply excuses, too.

You can choose to stay in a victim state…or you can choose to regain your power and live the life you were meant to live!  It all starts with you.  Only you control your thoughts.  Remember the question, is the glass half full or half empty?  Well, also remember that both answers are true, it is both half empty and half full.  However, the power of each state is completely different!  It’s a matter of perspective.  Half full is true and powerful.  Half empty, not so much!

At Ever Changing River, LLC, through our life coach programs we help you create your most brilliant symphony.  We can be your first note. Contact us at  We coach by telephone and over the internet.

Five-Year Success Plan – Create It! Live It!

LIFE COACH WORKSHOP – Five-Year Success Plan – Create It! Live It!

This course is designed for people who are newly divorced, empty-nesters, those going through a life transition, or for you if you are simply wondering: What’s next in my life?? Four-week workshop cost: $199.


Are you tired of simply drifting along, not knowing what you really want out of life? Are you ready to create your personal Five-Year Success Plan and take charge of your future? If so, join us for this exciting Virtual Life Coach Workshop! Or attend “in-person.”

No, you do not need to wait for New Year’s to set your goals. By New Year’s you’ll be partway there already!

“It’s time to start living the life we’ve imagined.” — Henry James

We are forming our next Five-Year Success Plan – Create It! Live It! workshop now.

Mondays, Oct 6, 13, 20 and 2, 2014, 6:00 – 8:00 PM. Attend by Google Hangout or Skype or in person in Sterling, Virginia.  (NOTE: If you find this post after this workshop has started, email or visit our website to check out our next workshop!)


Testimonial:  “It is amazing how you helped me unlock some answers. I highly recommend this workshop not only for people going through life changing events, but also for people who want to reach certain goals in their life. This is the workshop that can help you get there!”


Success Plan – What’s It All About?

Led by a life coach, in this workshop you will create YOUR Five-Year Success Plan…..

  • discovering what excites you
  • defining your values – what you want your life to stand for
  • crafting your personal mission statement
  • setting your goals that are “must haves” for the next five years
  • creating an action plan to move it all forward
  • plus designing ways to make sure you are staying on track.

We work as a group, brainstorming together, inspiring each other, holding each other accountable, and sharing successes each week.

This course is designed for people who are newly divorced, searching empty-nesters, those going through a life transition, or for you if you are simply wondering: What’s next in my life?? Four-week workshop cost: $199.

Email to see if it’s a good fit for you and check on availability!


Voyage of Discovery As Seen Through Your New Eyes

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”
– Marcel Proust

So many times we look at our problems, our challenges, the same way, with the same “eyes,” over and over and over. And yet we are surprised when we see the same results.

Instead, why not take a real voyage of discovery by trying a different perspective, seeing the situation with new eyes?

  • If you always look at something only from your point of view, instead try looking at it from “their” point of view.
  • Or, regardless of who “wins”, what does “success” look like for you? If your goal is to truly be able to move on from a bad situation, “winning” in the traditional sense often does not equal “success.”
  • Conversely, what does “failure” look like?  Maybe you get exactly what you are asking for, but what is the cost to you? to your family?  20 years from now will you consider this a success or a failure?  Hmmmm….

What do you see on your voyage of discovery with your new eyes? A possible solution?!! A powerful path forward? Try out your “new eyes” the next time you work on a life challenge and see what wonders you can discover!!!

If you are interested in life coaching, please contact us at  We offer a free introductory session.

Edison didn’t give up….and don’t you, either!

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Thomas A. Edison

This is one of my favorite quotes. We all see it repeated, in hindsight, over and over. Not today!! Not for you! Don’t give up!

If you need help through separation and divorce, please visit our website. We offer education and support throughout the process.

We are also life coaches…and yes, sometimes divorce coaches. We have a course starting in January 2013 — Hope and a 5 Year Plan. If you feel something is missing in your life, and would like to explore the tremendous opportunities ahead of you in a group setting, please email us at for details about our five-week series. You can change your life…if you don’t give up!

The Emotions of Divorce

Our thanks to Alison R. Guinasso, of All Is One Coaching, for this blog entry.  Alison is one of the many individuals listed on the Your Professionals portion of Ever Changing River, LLC’s website  who can help you through some aspect of separation and divorce.    You can read more about Alison here.

The Emotions of Divorce
By Alison R. Guinasso

Negative emotions are not feelings we like or even want to admit to feeling. And, yet, it is common during separation and divorce to have negative thoughts and worries. Some examples during this difficult time are:
• Your role in the failed marriage
• Economic consequences of divorce
• Finding a job after being a parent at home with children
• Your new role as a single parent
• Change in family relationships, both with your own and your spouse
• Having to sell your home
• Living a single lifestyle at an older age
• Loss of relationships with married friends
• Taking on new responsibilities with which you have no experience
• Relief that the relationship is over
• Fear
• Feeling unlovable
• Loneliness
There are many other examples, especially if there was abuse, infidelity or indifference in the marriage. Negative thoughts during divorce and separation can create a sense of isolation and lead to behaviors such as drinking, over-eating, depression, blaming, anger and even violence. It disrupts the vision of who we are in the world. We ask ourselves, “Who am I now?” If you are having any of these feelings, you are not crazy, you are not flawed, and you are not alone. Everyone goes through some version of these experiences. Separation and divorce create enormous change in our life, so it’s natural that our feelings and our sense of self will also be in flux.

Take heart; there is hope. This is an opportunity to practice deliberate self-care. Reaching out and connecting with supportive and empathetic people is key. So, how can we navigate this experience with compassion and empathy for ourselves? Brene Brown’s groundbreaking work on shame offers us four elements towards mitigating the weight of our negative emotions: 1. Recognize and understand your emotions; 2. Practice critical awareness of your feelings: see the big picture, know you are not the only one, and share your knowledge with others; 3. Reach out to others; 4. Speak about your concerns/troubles/worries. Just speaking about things helps normalize them. Practicing these elements develops your resilience to negative thoughts and behaviors and allows you to move forward with your new life.

Ever Changing River offers you several opportunities to practice these elements. River Chat is an informal divorce support group which allows you to share your experience and hear those of others. River BaNC is a workshop at which you can learn about aspects of divorce including the emotions that come with it. They also have an array of professionals who are available to help you on your journey.

However you decide to navigate this part of your life journey, know that you are not alone in your feelings and experiences. Reaching out to others and telling your story is the most courageous thing you can do for yourself. You get to choose how and who you want to be in your life. Negativity is not your only option. Knowing that you have empowering choices and practicing them with intention, compassion and empathy towards yourself is possible.

“Slowly, a new world will open for you.
The eyes of your heart, refined
By this desert time, will be free
To see and celebrate the new life
For which you sacrificed everything.”
– John O’Donohue

Children and Divorce – Some Practical Tips for Helping Your Children

At Ever Changing River, LLC, we are passionate about locating trusted, free resources you can use to help your family through that challenging part of your ever changing river of life called separation and divorce. The following article, posted by, is an example. Helpguide is working in collaboration with Harvard Health Publications, the consumer health publishing division of Harvard Medical School. This collaboration looks like a win/win for you, the consumer. This article comes from the website.

For information on Ever Changing River, LLC separation and divorce workshops and programs in Northern Virginia and Maryland, visit our website.  For more information on our nationwide coaching services, where we can help you set goals and formulate your personal life plan to move you and your family into a better future, read about our coaching services.   

Source of the following Children and Divorce article:

Children and Divorce
Helping kids cope with separation and divorce

“For children, divorce can be stressful, sad, and confusing. At any age, kids may feel uncertain about what life will be like, or angry at the prospect of mom and dad splitting up for good. Divorce isn’t easy, but as a parent you can make the process and its effects less painful for your children.

Helping your kids cope with your divorce means providing stability in your home and attending to your children’s physical and emotional needs with a reassuring, positive attitude. To make this happen, you’ll need to take care of yourself—and work as peacefully as possible with your ex. It won’t be a seamless process, but your children can move forward feeling confident in your unconditional love.

As a parent, it’s normal to feel uncertain about how to give your children the right support through your divorce or separation. It may be uncharted territory, but you can successfully navigate this unsettling time—and help your kids emerge from it feeling loved, confident, and strong.

There are many ways you can help your kids adjust” read more.

April 14, 2012, Separation and Divorce Workshop, Ashburn, VA. Mediation, Financial, Emotional Support and Real Estate Aspects Covered

April 14th – Separation and Divorce Workshop, Ashburn, VA  Visit our website for complete details and program information.

Ever Changing River, LLC is a local online and in-person educational resource about the issues surrounding separation and divorce, no matter where you are in the process. Decisions made at this critical juncture will impact the rest of your life. Oftentimes you must make important decisions when you are in emotional turmoil and least able to think rationally.

Divorce happens. Complete devastation as a result of divorce does not have to happen. Solid knowledge leads to better choices….and a better life following divorce, for you and your family.  Be proactive about your future.

When: April 14, 2012, 8:30 AM to 1:15 pm
Where: Long and Foster Realtors
43490 Yukon Drive, Suite 205
Ashburn, VA 20147
Cost: $30/pre-registered; $40/door; $15/returning attendees

Pre-registger here.

April 14, 2012 Presenters

Family Mediation Aspects: Daniel R. Burk, President, Resolution Point, LLC, and Family Mediator at Northern Virginia Mediation Service, serves Loudoun, Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington. Danny Burk is an attorney licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia since 1981 and the District of Columbia since 1984. He is also a Virginia Supreme Court certified mediator. Mr. Burke will talk about family mediation, what the process is, what is involved, and how it works.

Financial Aspects: Linda Black, ChFC, CRPC, has worked in the financial services industry for over 12 years. She has earned her Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC) designations. Her practice is focused on financial planning and retirement income solutions for women. Linda helps her clients make financial decisions based on where they want to go next. She fully subscribes to a transformational approach to financial planning as opposed to a transactional one. Linda is licensed in Virginia and Maryland. Linda will talk about creating budgets for two households, valuing and dividing assets, the scenario approach to decisions, and retirement issues.

Emotional Aspects: Nina K. Flowers, LPC, MEd., of counseling Solutions, Inc., provides psychotherapy services for adults, adolescents, and children through individual, family and couples counseling. She has particular expertise in counseling those who are coping with their own or a family members’ abuse, mood or anxiety disorders, relationship or self-esteem concerns, ADD/ADHD and other disorders. Her primary theoretical orientations are Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Play Therapy. Nina will talk about the anxiety and stree — what they are, how to recognize them, and coping mechanisms.

Real Estate Aspects: Pamela Jones, ABR, CRB, GRI, Pamela Jones, Inc., Long and Foster Realtors, is a career REALTOR® who began working with buyers and sellers in1983. Her dedication to her clients made her the #1 agent in Loudoun County in 2006. Pam has excellent business sense, detailed knowledge of the local market, and outstanding negotiating skills. Pam will give an update of the local real estate market, which differs vastly from the “national” picture we so often hear about.

Life Coaching Aspects:  Ever Changing River, LLC, will lead you through some exercises to help you explore your next steps and create a “next steps” action plan. This action plan will be different for each person…from “let me continue to think about all this” to “here are my top 3 items to complete by next Friday.” It is important to find the approach that is best for you, not someone else.

What River BaNC Attendees Are Saying:

“What a great workshop format for individuals who are trying to educate themselves on the various aspects of separating and/or divorce. The environment was awesome, and a really great selection of presenters.”

“I learned so much from all the speakers. I feel better about my situation, knowing that I am not alone.”

“I will absolutely recommend this program.”


Disclaimer: River BaNC, River Chat and all Ever Changing River, LLC programs are intended for informational purposes only. They do not constitute legal, financial, emotional, real estate or mortgage advice or counseling. You should seek the advice of qualified legal, financial, psychological, real estate, mortgage and any other necessary professionals regarding your own individual situation outside of any Ever Changing River, LLC program.


How Do I Get A Divorce in Virginia? Attend Sept 10 Northern Virginia Workshop for Answers

River BaNCTM is an informational workshop, a Basic Navigational Course, through the complexities of how to get a divorce in Virginia.  You will meet local divorce experts and learn practical information about how to become unmarried.  By attending you gain empowering knowledge and support.  Attending can save you time and money as you begin to consider your next steps.

Who should attend? If you or a friend are facing separation or divorce, and are in the DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia area, you should attend this workshop to learn the basic legal, financial and emotional aspects of separation and divorce. You will also receive information about natural remedies to combat stress, and receive updates on the current real estate market. As always, we will share additional separation and divorce informational resources throughout the workshop.

Attending does not mean you will divorce.  Attending means you will have solid, practical knowledge should you need it in the future.

When: Saturday, September 10, 2011, 8:15 AM to 1:15 PM, at Long & Foster, 43490 Yukon Drive, Suite 205, Ashburn, VA, 20147. Pre-registration preferred. $30/pre-registered; $40/door; $15/returning.  Register here.

If you would like to attend with a friend, please do.  Your friend can attend with you at no charge; please email to let us know they will be attending with you.  Also, scholarships are available.  Email us to discuss.

Additional information at

OUR SPEAKERS: September 10, 2011

Legal Aspects:  Patricia E. Tichenor, Esq , owner and principal attorney of The Law Office of Patricia E. Tichenor, P.L.L.C., is an experienced domestic relations and general law attorney serving clients in Northern Virginia since October 2001.  Ms. Tichenor is dedicated to helping clients move forward with their lives, fighting to protect their rights with respect to custody, visitation, child support, and spousal support. If an amicable settlement can be reached, Ms. Tichenor works to make the divorce process as simple, affordable, and quick as possible. Ms. Tichenor will give an overview of the legal aspects of divorce, including the separation and divorce process, equitable property distribution, and custody and support guidelines.

Financial Aspects: Bonnie A. Sewell, CFP®, AIF®, is the Principal of American Capital Planning, LLC.  She has been working in financial services since 1981, and with divorcing and divorced clients since 1992.  A true financial planner and asset manager, Bonnie writes a column for the industry’s Journal of Financial Planning, was interviewed on CNBC in October 2010, and gave a presentation, “Discipline Determines Destiny” at the College of Charleston in November 2010.   Her strength in divorce planning is helping the client understand the near- and long-term characteristics of each asset and income source and how to hold on to and grow those resources over time.  Bonnie will discuss the financial aspects of divorce, including financial considerations of valuing and dividing assets, retirement planning, creating budgets and debt division.

Emotional Aspects: Edith L. Brokaw, LCSW, CSAC, is a psychotherapist who has dedicated herself to working with individuals, couples and families for 18 years.  Edie is also a Certified Clinical Supervisor for other psychotherapists, and a Certified Substance Abuse Clinician. She has offices in Fairfax and Ashburn, VA.  In her counseling practice, she focuses on her clients’ strengths, what they want their life to look like in the future, and how they can get there.  Edie will explain the stages of separation and divorce, and make suggestions on ways in which you can manage your emotions during this transitional time.  She will also discuss how to best take care of yourself and your family when your spouse is a substance abuser.  She will be available after the presentation for individual questions.

Tax Aspects: Mike Mandish, CPA, CSEP, is a Principal in the SC&H Financial Advisors practice of SC&H Group.  He was selected as a SmartCPA in 2010 by SmartCEO Magazine, and has over 20 years of experience.  Mike will give a general overview about the tax aspects of divorce.

Real Estate Aspects: Pamela Jones, ABR, CRB, GRI, of Pamela Jones, Inc., Long  and Foster Realtors, is a career REALTOR® who began working with buyers and sellers in1983.  Her dedication to her clients made her the #1 agent in Loudoun County in 2006.  Pam has excellent business sense, detailed knowledge of the local market, and outstanding negotiating skills.  Pam will give an update of the local real estate market, which differs vastly from the “national” picture we so often hear about.

Disclaimer: River BaNC and River Chat programs are intended for informational purposes only.  They do not constitute legal, financial, emotional, real estate or mortgage advice or counseling.  You should seek the advice of qualified legal, financial, psychological, real estate, mortgage, and any other necessary professionals regarding your own individual situation outside of any Ever Changing River, LLC program.

July 30, 2011 “River Chat” in Reston, VA – Divorce Support Group for Northern VA and Montgomery County, MD

What is River Chat? Make a friend — success in life comes with support. River Chat, an informal divorce support group, meets next on Saturday, July 30, 10 AM to Noon at La Madeleine, 1833 Fountain Drive, Reston, Fairfax County, Virginia.

Join us for a cup of coffee to chat about where you are in the separation or divorce process. We share resources in the Northern Virginia and Montgomery County, MD areas. You gain support and encouragement. It’s that simple.

These sessions are facilitated by Robin of Ever Changing River, LLC. Our sole purpose is to help YOU gain help with whatever issue you face that day. No fee. No RSVP. No advice. No counseling. Just chatting.

RIVER CHAT – Saturday, July 30, 2011, 10 AM to Noon

La Madeliene, 1833 Fountain Square, Reston, VA