Create Your Most Brilliant Symphony with a Life Coach

Dogwood, Beginning Anew after Divorce, life coach, Ever Changing River, LLC

Dogwood, Beginning Anew after Divorce, Life Coach, Ever Changing River, LLC

The most brilliant symphony in the world began with just one note.

– Anonymous

You have that brilliant symphony within you if you will only take the first step.  What is holding you back from realizing your innermost dreams?  Fear?  Not enough time?  You don’t have the correct, most perfect resources at your fingertips?  The timing is not right yet?

Sorry, not buying it.  Those are all simply excuses.  They seem real, but they are excuses. You are better than that!

Oftentimes when you have gone through a divorce, you feel like the best part of your life is over, you have failed in some way, things will not get better for a very long time.  AGAIN:  Sorry, not buying it!!  Those are all simply excuses, too.

You can choose to stay in a victim state…or you can choose to regain your power and live the life you were meant to live!  It all starts with you.  Only you control your thoughts.  Remember the question, is the glass half full or half empty?  Well, also remember that both answers are true, it is both half empty and half full.  However, the power of each state is completely different!  It’s a matter of perspective.  Half full is true and powerful.  Half empty, not so much!

At Ever Changing River, LLC, through our life coach programs we help you create your most brilliant symphony.  We can be your first note. Contact us at  We coach by telephone and over the internet.